Thursday 30th of May 2013

Panning Test --- Power-FM (Featuring Peter Andersen)

Consequence By Peter Andersen.
Converted to Opl3 Dos Editor and From Opl3 Editor to Power-FM by Peter Jørgensen.
All sounds are Synth-generate no samplings.

Today I got the panning finish, so I decided to upload one more of Peter Andersen old tunes.
there are a little hiss in the first couple of notes, it is because I started a second capture device.
the program can import scores and sounds from my old dos program, but they don't sound like in the old editor, some sound ok, and some don't, but they all have to be tune, especial the drums. so some of the sound may be off in the volume, but it is hard when one can not save yet :)
so it is just a fast conversion to test the panning of the program,.

I hope you all will enjoy it...

fedepede04 on

Thanks Tomy i can only take credit for the conversion and the sounds. and thanks for liking my drums sound :)
Tomy on

So wonderful. The main lead is so catchy! Awesome that the drums are synthesized too ;), they sound really nice. Only thing I felt was missing was a bit of hi-hat action. Now I can't get that melody out of my head, haha.
fedepede04 on

thanks for the compliment gotoandplay :)
gotoandplay on

nice tune. The instruments remind me of a track that appeared in Deus Ex, that can only be a good sign!
fedepede04 on

can not line break on my tablet.. most of the sounds are pan left or right except the drums.. but many of the sounds contain 2 of the same sounds that are fine tuned a bit, so it give a chorus effect. it is only i think two of the lead there are pan (left/right) nerly to the max.
fedepede04 on

thanks Wheely.
Wheely on

I like the sounds the program makes a lot and the theme you used is awesome. I do not have much of the panning but its good anyways. At least through my speakers :)
fedepede04 on

Cool then i will let you know when i have some, I am out of town the next couple of weeks, so there will go some time :)
CosmoBG on

Ok, awesome! :D Looking forward to whenever it comes out. Will be trying it for sure.
fedepede04 on

the program is a full windows program. i just try making it play score from my old dos program. you can take a look at my old dos program here
CosmoBG on

I saw ome DOS mentionings. Forgive me for potential ignorance, but will this ever be compatable in any way with Windows?
fedepede04 on

Thanks guys, I am glad that you like the sounds, it means a lot to me. and Cosmo BG it will probably take some months, before i have a beta version finish. the instrument editor takes much longer than I anticipated. but at one point I will need some beta tester, and i will preferably some who are used to FM Synths. so if you like at that point, to give it a test, then I would be honored
CosmoBG on

Program synth sounds pretty good. Looking forward to this program. :D
cqallenwalker on

Sounds pretty good.
TmEE on

I like some of the sounds here ^^