Thursday 4th of February 2016

Slowly Joining / The Reason You Cry / You Make the Sound I Can't Ignore... /

by Let Me Know that You're Alive... / ...You Said and Smiled.

The last five tracks of Organized by Sound are a medley of several ideas and instruments, including but not limited to: emulated SID (VST synths, Deflemask) FM, sample playing with Schism Tracker and Renoise, guitar playing, and UTAU and Vocaloid singing.

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2 Favourites
SnarlyDawg on

DAMN. good melodies, sounds/aesthetic. good job!
Jredd on

That was super interesting man. I'll have to share this one around when that release hits :).
chunter on

Thanks so much indeed!
3ndymion on

All this music is so cool!!!