Sunday 6th of January 2013

Turning Point (LSDJ)

my first, last, and only entry to WeeklyBeats, during its final week. done in one six-hour sitting which ended up being an all-nighter - i don't think i could have sustained that for 52 weeks!
JerBearX on

I was groovin'. Love it!
HarleyLikesMusic on

Doesn't matter what sequencer or tracker you use, you kill it every time! Good work!
Zeropass on

this is super legit.
Wheely on

nice to hear what you can take out of LSDJ, sweet stuff!
skinwalker8bit on

Lord take me up now
Ultrasyd on

I don't like, i fucking love it. Weird but it reminds me of one song in Link's Awekening :D
Jredd on

Yes! Heard this one on sound cloud :). One of the coolest LSDJ tracks out there dude. Mad respect :). Moo!