Wednesday 11th of September 2013

Solar Man (Mega Man 10 cover)

Hey guys,

I did some kind of one week challenge with PolarBirds. We decided to go for a remix of the Solar Man stage from Mega Man 10 and this is what I ended up with. Here is a link to the original tune: ... Enjoy my remix! :)
Wheely on

I am not here, but not dead. Have some lack of inspiration and passion at the moment ;)
3ndymion on

===========-*&%$ WHO'S LISTENING IN 2016??? $%&*-===========

(Raises hand) XD :D XD

So did you stay true to your old complaint & abandon this place??? If you did, come on back again, eh??? : )
CarnivorouS on

Wonderful work.
Wheely on

thanks for the feedback man. I am sorry that it was not 100 percent yours
Monotron on

Not really feeling this one, the drums feel a little weird to me. But I can still grove to it
Wheely on

Hey guys, thanks a lot for putting this into the top Position ... did not expect that. Cheers!
Dropbit on

I Love RockMan!
Dropbit on

You Sir,Are Sex
PolarBirds on

And not finished, haha. But thank's :)
Wheely on

I like your version mate, its just different :)
PolarBirds on

Your's turned out rather well I must say! Mine, not so much,haha. Good job man :)
Wheely on

DalekSam on

this is great, man!
Wheely on

thank you guys, I am glad you are digging the tune!
fedepede04 on

barbeque on

hype man stage
Jredd on

I think solar man fused with metal man. That was a fun one :).
Wheely on

thanks a lot man! I had a lot of fun creating it :)
Ikasam on

i remember this from a week or 2 ago, when you sent me a WIP of this :) turned out pretty good man