Wednesday 25th of September 2013

Bird of Paradise

Hey guys,

I had some free days, so I decided to create another tune and it turned out awesome. This one is more melody based and it somehow felt like someone who is running through nature and finds a bird of paradise and then the wonderful creature accompanies him to his destination. Have fun with the tune :) Cheers!
PolarBirds on

This is pretty rad mate!Sound design is really cool too. Well done :)
Wheely on

thanks man!
barbeque on

fierce as fuck
Wheely on

Ikasam on

fedepede04 on

great as always
Wheely on

hey guys, thanks for the fantastic comments :) @MaskedEpsilon: thanks for the CC man, I will keep my mixing in focus in future work, though I do not really have problems to hear the counter melody
MaskedEpsilon on

love the melodic focus in this, also the break around 1:11 is awesome, at 3:02 the counter melody is hard to hear because the bass overpowers it, a different octave or waveform might bring it out, that's a minor thing though because the track sounds pretty perfect, you've definitively grown as a musician!
awesomeforce on

5 seconds in and you have earned a like. why is everything you do so awesome?!
vytong on

This song kicks ass.
Wheely on

Jredd on

Head bangs* Yeah!!! :D