Friday 4th of July 2014

Looking back

sitting on a stone you were all alone feeling like you never had a chance to fly away
thoughts were dressed in black
looking back

taken by the flood never understood drying off the blood and falling into the abyss
all this rage and pain
from a kiss

I see you in my dreams at night

I was always lost love came at a cost broken and I never thought the day of light would come
put your hand in mine
we are one

I see you in my dreams at night
DJHollowLife on

really chill track pretty awesome!
2xAA on

It's a bit J. Arthur Keens-y, but that's a good thing!
Rare sound and I love it.
Jredd on

This is a great track, and I appreciate the vocals of someone who can really sing as opposed to a lot of others who will stick auto tune on a chip track ;). You have a unique sound and I think it's a shame that nobody commented on this.