Friday 5th of February 2016

Troutless (iDS-10 on iPhone)

this is a track i made at my aunt's house because our plumbing across the whole neighborhood was out of service all day. i made it on my iphone using the app called iDS-10. hope you like it!
3ndymion on

Cool percussion. This makes me think of an Egyptian desert for some reason. XD
UncleBibby on

@Jredd thank you so much man, i appreciate the kind words. i was feeling down on myself today but im starting to feel better now.
Jredd on

That was interesting man, cool sounds in this one. I don't know what it was about it, but maybe something about the shuffle or the beat made me think of one of those really well animated old timey cartoons. I imagined like a 1930's style Betty Boop style cartoon with like their time period's interpretation of a robot being extremely happy and doing weird household chores and going berserk while the humans in the house are taking a nap and being lazy LOL!