Monday 23rd of May 2016

Electroplex (Zangief remix, Korg DS-10/Ableton)

so this is a remix that i made with the help of my friend Decktonic, using an old DS-10 remix of Zangief's theme from Street Fighter that i had lying around, mixed up with some crazy ableton techno flair. Hope you like it!
Diagamblic on

Wait I need that video in my life. Great job on this man!
UncleBibby on

@Jredd thanks man! yeah, i based parts of this song on that remix but the drums and some of the instruments and notes are new. Glad you remember that, it was fun to make. i should dress up like zangief again and do wrestling moves on a dummy as a music video for this, lol...
Jredd on

This just reminds me of that crazy video you made with your drumming to this song where you dressed like Zangief. That was the best thing ever, and this song is pretty fantastic.