Thursday 13th of February 2014

Gerudo Valley [Cover]

Accidentally ended up making this when I was working on new kicks.

Shoutout to that one playthrough I did when I was 7 and ran out of small keys in the fortress.

StormBlooper on

Sure. Let me just fix some things tonight and re-record it for you.
Whitely on

Am I okay to use this for the OOT compilation?
StormBlooper on

Thanks y'all. Maybe I'll work on it some more now.
2xAA on

Eiyeron on

That. Rocks. HELL.
DontBlink on

Good work on this! I was going to do this for the OoT collab but it looks like you beat me to it... that's what I get for procrastinating, lol. Nicely done.
marcb0t on

Heehee! Yeah, fun times. 1998 flashback.