Tuesday 10th of April 2012

Load Game (Ft. ChasingBleeps)

This is a song i made for a dance album i'm working on. It says Ft, chasinbleeps because the album is under "RadicalPresident" instead of chasingbleeps

when the album is done you will be able to download this song:and others: from my bandcamp for free

2 Favourites
2xAA on

Awesome :)
wy477wh173 on

Wheely on

the tune somehow feels like a high melody instrument is the only thing that would make it totally sweet
RadicalPresident on

Thanks bro ^O^ I'm glad to be here :D and i have a few chiptune type songs i'm working on :D
PolarBirds on

Very relaxing track. I like it and it got a certain ambient feel to it with the nice delay effects. Glad to see you on here mate and I hope to hear more submissions soon! Cheers
RadicalPresident on

I really hope someone likes this ^-^ i put allot of effort into it.