Monday 9th of September 2013

Hexen Heart

So this is a song that I will have in one form or another on my upcomming debut album (if I'm ever able to finish it T_T). Feel free to give any CC and opinion about it so I can maybe take it into consideration for the final release. Thank's for listening!
PolarBirds on

Thank's Monotron :D
Monotron on

Those drums tho, sexy af
PolarBirds on

Hehe, thank's a lot Ballonbear <3<3<3
Balloonbear on

mimimi ♥
PolarBirds on

Thank's a bunch mate :)
Wheely on

Your instrumentation is beautiful as always, really like this tune!
PolarBirds on

Haha,glad that it could evoke some of those feelings Snarly! Appreciate the fantastic feedback, thank you!
SnarlyDawg on

triumphant megaman x anime sound. :) nothing wrong with it would make a great addition to your album
PolarBirds on

I'm really happy to hear that guys :D I think the composition could be more interesting, but I'm not sure what do to about it. Writing a good bridge is such a pain in the ass :/ Guess it's fine to keep it as it is then. Cheers
fedepede04 on

not much to say about it...
it sound really great :)
Jredd on

Same, that lead is awesome!
Ikasam on

you got my like as soon as that lead came around the 25 seconds mark haha