Saturday 9th of November 2013


just in case you were unaware:

PolarBirds on

Hello there, nicely done Pixeltune!
Eiyeron on

Epic, as ever. Nothing to add
hypherson on

Evil pipil! :'(
DontBlink on

THIS... THIS is why I absolutely love the chipmusic scene. There are so many talented artists making all kinds of incredible music. I couldn't even begin to figure out how you did all of this. You are extremely talented at LSDJ and I for one, am FLOORED. This is what it's all about, man. If this doesn't chart I will be very sad.

TapeState on

Wow, this is really sick. I didn't like it too much when you uploaded the WIP version, but I love the final. I wish the snare was a little longer, but that's just preference. You're style is really awesome man :)
Jredd on

This is bad ass, I would almost say re-upload this at the start of next week so it has a chance to chart because it deserves it :). I love that false glitch half way through. You are doing really interesting things with LSDJ. This rules sir :D.