Wednesday 9th of July 2014


it isn't long now until the greatest thing i've ever created is completed: 'glitch', eleven tracks, all new 2xlsdj shit.

bear with me for a few more weeks while the finishing touches are applied, but get ready; it's gonna blow minds.

barbeque on

cool, dude
2xAA on

2:30 woahh.
Monotron on

RadicalPresident on

Listened to this tune on my phone this morning. coming back for round two (:
Pixeltune on

I'll upload them later eventually
Eiyeron on

Mmmh i'm on the same time enjoyed and disappointed. That's nice to see music names I don't know and I'm excited to hear them once I can. (I should search my backups for the 2013 b-sides :-°)
Pixeltune on

@eiyron, most of the music i wrote in 2013 didn't make the cut, ultraviolet is the only one, but it's been completely redesigned.

THe final tracklist is: impetus, divergence, ultraviolet, color, clockwork, intermission, radical, sleepless, spirit, never, and glitch.
Balloonbear on

Eiyeron on

Hehehe, finally Glitch will be uploaded soon! :p
Little question about it though : Some time ago, you published a preview of Glitch on Bandcamp with lots of music on it. Some of them were on Soundcloud but were deleted. Will you add them in the album? Will be they removed forever?

Nice tune by the way, you've been through a lot of progress since you started making music for Glitch!