Sunday 31st of August 2014

Clockwork (3xlsdj)

3ndymion on

Wow, this is wonderful man. Like Wheely said, simple and effective.
cqallenwalker on

This is awesome. The use of 3 lsdj to me is like having three of the same instruments in a orchestra. They all serve the purpose of playing different parts and help make the one large great sound. This is great.
Monotron on

YES been so pumped for this no joke
Pixeltune on

that was the first draft of this song, something a lot like 'sea of voices' by porter robinson; just a simple flowing song with an ocean of harmonies and chords. the second draft was sorta like this but with more electro sounds. and the final draft, which i liked the best, was this: a happy medium between the two.
Wheely on

that was simple and effective. A beautiful tune with a nice setting. I like the instruments a lot :) as a suggestion ... in that beatpart, have you tried to go for a more chilled beat that is not four to the floor? I think that would add a lot to the tune.