Tuesday 28th of January 2014


self titled for my new album coming out called "FOUND"

This track also made a debut at MAGfest12
PANDAstar on

Thank you guys! And yes L commands :) And I can totally see the Link's Awakening also for the intro :P
Eiyeron on

Nice work, I instantly thought of Link's Awakenaning, would have fit with the washed ashore intro/title screen part.

holy shit i love this! Those L commands (?) on the lead are fantastic
pyrofoux on

I can't believe my ears.
PANDAstar on

:D <33333
kloudygirl on

ready or not... here i come... u cant hide.... ima finnnnnd yewwwww ;333
marcb0t on

You did two things right. The noise wave fading in and out at the intro, and the happy upbeat tune right after the cool chord progression. I've always liked this aspect about your music.