Sunday 14th of July 2013

umbrella on the balcony (slow lsdj dub/reggae)

there's a star called Sol that beams out all this radioactive stuff and cosmic energy, straight out in space... BUT! a rock orbits it and collects some of this radiation, but most of it is shielded off by the massive magnetic field rendered by the planet. However, enough remains to heat the surface to a swell temperature for carbon based friends to emerge in! And so a balcony is built and there i stand gazing at the sunrays being embraced by strange clouds that previously unleashed their wet greetings on my head (therefore the umbrella), thinking about how beautiful everything is

may or may not have drunken mushroom tea beforehand

1xLSDj on the game boy
this computer has no line-in
cheapshot on

Mate, your stuff is SHIT hot.
PolarBirds on

Haha,groovey as per ususal!
Musho on

<3 <3 <3
Alpine on

"may or may not have drunken mushroom tea beforehand" made me laugh

pretty neat track yo
Wheely on

I bow down before that masterpiece :)!
Dropbit on

I Love Musho
fedepede04 on

i am normally not so much to gameboy music, but this is great