Wednesday 30th of November 2016

Climbing Still

4th track off of the album D's Quest by MicroD.
Available as a name-your-price download at
D's Quest contains all-new tracks created for the Roland MT-32 Multi-Timbre Sound Module. The Roland MT-32 was the standard platform for computer music and PC games in the late 80s/early 90s (notably those made by Sierra) prior to the adoption of General MIDI.
SikoKat on

I love the bells-like lead that comes in at around the two minute mark. It makes me happy, even though it is immediately follow by a key change :-P
lazynerd204 on

Oh nice! I just found a Roland MT-32 soundfont and am playing around with it! This is a good song to showcase what it can do. Love the pitch bends in the lead at 1:08 onward!
MicroD on

Hey man!
TheLaohu on

Yoooo, MicroD!