Wednesday 10th of April 2013

Laffe the Fox - Apathetic Theme


Track nr. 7 on BleepLove Vol. 4

You know how Mario has his "Athletic Theme"? Well, this is Laffe's "Apathetic Theme".
Enjoy if you can! And don't forget to download the compilation, some absolutely amazing tracks and artists on there. ;D
LaffeTheFox on

Glad you like it, buddy! Thanks for the kind words and for the feedback as well, which is greatly appreciated. I actually tried changing up the bassline at some parts, but I ended up liking it better like this, even if it plays throughout the whole track. So yeah, it could probably use some variation, I definitely see what you mean. Thanks again! ^^
Wheely on

I like how uplifting this tune is. Loved the baseline pattern though I think you should variate it and bring in some drum fills. Cheers!