Wednesday 8th of July 2015

Laffe the Fox feat. Rymdkraft - Extreme Krocket


Album art by:
- Down Awkward
- Apples:

This is the second track of my album, Red Eyes and Gray Skies, out on BleepLove.
The album contains 12 tracks, as well as 2 bonus tracks, and features Rymdkraft, Super Robotic Encounters & Robot Orgy Massacre, all of which has truly inspired and influenced me over the years.
You can download the album for free at BleepLove's web site, or purchase the limited edition CD release from BleepLove's bandcamp, which also features one extra bonus track that is not included in the downloadable version.

Extreme Krocket is the best thing ever, so if you're only going to do one activity this summer; make it this one! It's also the name of this collab track that I did with Rymdraft. He's one of the main reasons why I first started making bitpop, and one of my all time biggest inspirations, so I'm really super stoked to have him on my album. If someone had told me five years ago I'd be making music with Rymdkraft, I would not have believed them. :3
Check out Rymdkraft's amazing tunes here:

Big thanks to BleepLove for releasing my album, to all the artists (- both musical and visual) who's helped turn this album into something I am just super stoked about, and to everyone who supports me, and everyone listening. I really appreciate it. It truly means a lot, and I am forever grateful.
Hope you might enjoy this album! :)

LaffeTheFox on

Thank you! Really glad you like it. Well I make all my stuff in FL with various samples and VSTs, and pitchbending and slides and stuff is pretty conveniant there, you can just do it on the individual channels. I think Rymdkraft uses Reason, but I'm not completely sure about that. As for Ableton, I don't have a clue, though. x)
UncleBibby on

really polished and fun. lots of great pitchbending and exciting melodies. what do you make these songs in, ableton? or do you use a tracker or something? i still haven't figured out how to pitchbend properly in ableton... i think there must be an easier way to do it because the only way i can see doing it seems really tedious and finicky.