Wednesday 25th of February 2015

CHICKENANDROFLS & Laffe the Fox - Hang in There, Kid (CHICKENANDROFLS Cover)


Artwork by the one and only Apples! Thank you so much for providing us with an utterly amazing piece of art. Check out more of his art here:

The opening track of a collab album i did together with CHICKENANDROFLS, that combines happy chip sounds with fast, punk-ish beats. Lots more of that over at his profile:

This song was originally written and composed by CHICKENANDROFLS, and seeing as I loved the good vibes I got from his raw sounding original, I proposed making a cover together. He lent me his lyrics, and so here it is! Wanted to maintain the original's vibe, so we tried to stick with a raw and distorted sound that we hope you might like as well.
Enjoy if you can! :D


Heard you're feelin' down
And I wish that I could be around for you
And I'm sorry that I'm not
But I've got a thing I think might cheer you up
I'm sorry it's this song
Just hang in there, kid, it isn't very long

And if you weren't so blind
You could see that you need help
And if you weren't so scared
You could 'fide in someone else

And if you weren't sure
I would tell you life's not bad
Just make some f***ing friends
'Cuz friends are f***ing rad

And find a thing you like
And take it from inside your head
And make a thing that makes you happy
'Cuz pretty soon you're dead

So just be glad that you're here now
And try not to complain
And if you think you have to
At least be entertaining


Thanks to BleepLove for supporting us and releasing our album. Check out the website for some awesome tunes:
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Yep! ;3
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that was a lot of reverb :D