Sunday 27th of September 2015

Anti-Flag - Turncoat (Laffe the Fox's Happy AMA Remix)

Happy AMA, Anti-Flag! :3


When I saw Anti-Flag were doing an AMA later today, I pulled an all-nighter in order to make this little remix in their tribute, in lack of any interesting questions to ask them. I really hope they will see it, though. They're a huge inspiration to me, and one of my absolute favorite bands, so it would be just awesome if they did! :)

They saw it! I am just super stoked now! They had this to say:

"[...] we are f***ed with that thing burned into our brains......."
- Chris #2

"Wow! That remix is intense! Now we're ready for the club!"
- Justin Sane

Made my day, haha. :)

Listen to Anti-Flag's original "Turncoat" here:

Don't forget to buy their records! ;D
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