Sunday 31st of January 2016

Song name: In Space o 1 an ear u (lost signal) (NES)

Hello there! This is my Famicompo Pico 2015 entry, placing 16th out of 106 entries (and 5th out of all 2A03-only entries that qualify for the cartridge... meaning it's likely you will see this song on a real NES cartridge when it comes out!).
SnarlyDawg on

yes everything you make is awesome
3ndymion on

Feels like this song brings you on a journey. Very cool.
Eiyeron on

Nice song, it deserves its place (maybe a better one, I have to check the other compos)! :D THere is a real good melody and a very good control of the NES sound possibilites in this song, nice work.

I also really enjoy the orchestral hit sample for some reason. I'm sure that I already heard it in some other music.