Wednesday 5th of September 2012


Yet again, I'm back with a new tune. This one is dedicated to my dear friend, Even. Trying out some different styles this time and still preparing myself for my next big release, Circuithead.

I love to get feedback so please let me hear your thoughts about this track.
MilleniumMole on

Astounding, gripping, AND mad appealing. Very influential work here.
dajobe on

Can't tell you how much I love this track. So perfect.
yesimnathan on

Amazing track. Mega good!
nuclace on

Get a job Kubbi.
CarnivorouS on

I have a feeling someone on this site is fucking up ratings on purpose, which isn't really nice :-\
CarnivorouS on

Reggae ^_^
LDA on

Sounds like this is reggae influenced. I can tell your trying out new styles. Sounds good. Keep up the good work.
awesomeforce on

fuxter on

ur ef wizard! i hate you! awesome track!