Thursday 5th of September 2013


1x Raw LSDJ. I transform into Favorite Soup at 3:05
platonist on

Insane leads XD <3
Cottommy on

I'm getting a strong SoR Bar/Club Stage vibe from the beginning of this track. Tasty.
Kommisar on

hit me up whenever brotha
Dropbit on

we need to collab
Kommisar on

<3 I admit I'm not very good at uncestep with LSDJ but I always bust out some sort of jazzy solos that evens it out sometimes
PolarBirds on

LSDJ unce is usually a pretty big turnoff for me but you seem to catch my attention with your sense of melody and composition! Good stuff! Cheers
Kubbi on

So gooooood!
Dropbit on

ラブ ლಠ益ಠ)ლ 感情の <3 Rage
Kommisar on

thank you :3
DontBlink on

I absolutely love how you double the melody at 1:25, it is perfect. I've always liked your music and this is no exception, great stuff!