Thursday 3rd of October 2013

Vector Nova Mega Mix

I will be going to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo on Oct 5th! In honor of that occasion, I have decided to take all of my Vector Nova songs and mix them into one continuous song! For those of you who want to experience all of Vector nova in one click of the play button, now you can! For those of you who would like to meet me in person, now you can! I will be walking around there that day, so you just might spot me. I'll try and wear something that says a big "Jredd" on it so that the 2 fans I have can spot me from a distance ha ha! Hope to see some of you there :D! Enjoy this ludicrously long song in honor of my first ever retro gaming expo attendance! Thanks,

-Jredd Youtube video:
TmEE on

I have no idea how I have managed to miss out on this one here....
3ndymion on

I can't believe how awesome this is. Very nice work.
Jredd on

Thanks man, I thought all my Vector Nova music as one song might be really cool. Glad people are enjoying it :).
cartoonbomb on

and this is a cut above, like really good
cartoonbomb on

awesome Jredd :D glad you are still a steady poster
cqallenwalker on

That's great!
Jredd on

Update! I got to have part of this played at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo! We got the DJ to play some of it! Afterwords, some people came up to me and said it was awesome and wanted to know where they could find more of my music! How cool is that?!? Ha ha!
PolarBirds on

Wheely on

alright, I am gonna listen to this again, take my love :)