Saturday 1st of February 2014

Sunset (Sega Genesis)

Here's a new tune for you guys. I actually made it on the 30th of January, when I happened to turn 28. Go me :P.
Jredd on

My* Look at me I can't even type ha ha holly crap. LOL
Jredd on

You serious? Dude that makes me whole freakin' year! LOL I gotta check this out. Thanks for letting me know :D.
cqallenwalker on

I'm not sure who linked it over to him, but I saw Yuzo Koshiro retweet it.
cqallenwalker on

Hey Jredd, just thought you'd like to know that Yuzo Koshiro says your song "Neon Alley" is "very cool!".
PolarBirds on

Late happy birthday Jredd :) Fantastic song, melancholic, it blows my horn.
Jredd on

Thanks guys! :)
CosmoBG on

Really nice! :D I'd love myself forever if i made a song like this on my birthday. That'd be the best birthday present ever. So i imagine you feel the same yourself. Though i imagine you'd be that way anyway because you are smiling non-stop anyway, like the joker. So yeah, my statement was pointless. :/
marcb0t on

Beautiful stuff man, especially the electric piano (or guitar?) slow arpeggio in the intro. Good thick multichannel instrumentation there (sounds like stereo panning and a touch of vibrato to thicken it). Your drum sampling, and overall mixing style has really seemed to blossom and matured here. The melody and progression in a middle section reminds me of Groovemaster303's improv section on his remix for the "choose your spacecraft" remix for Vector Nova B Side.