Tuesday 4th of September 2012

Nexus (VGMM)

Groovemaster303 and I combine forces yet again. This time it feels like a rock style with one of my favorite leads to date. Enjoy!
Jredd on

Hey thanks man, this one is one of my favorites that groove and I have worked on together :).
dusthillguy on

Good to hear someone using FM sounds. This is a nice piece of music, I like the melodies.
Jredd on

Thanks Tomy :). I prefer a strong melody, I am glad it comes off that way. :)
Jredd on

Ha ha yeah, more people need to use VGMM. It's an extremely good tracker.
Tomy on

This is fantastic. Somehow reminds me of Goblin, a progressive rock band. Really really appreciate the highly melodic approach. The pitchbended basslines at the end are killer, I love it!
PiecesOfEight on

Damn this is nice! I need to mingle with VGMM one day.
awesomeforce on

this is the sweetness! very nice work, jredd!

Reminds me of Comix Zone for genesis! very nice
nuclace on

that lead is so slick
Groovemaster303 on

Jredd on

Thanks guys!
gaarathedancingpanda on

This is sweet!
PolarBirds on

I do like this one quite a bit :D Keep it up guys, you are awesome!
CarnivorouS on

I get neither, so I don't know :D
Jredd on

I actually really appreciate the honesty dude. It's much more helpful than a number rating with no explanation :).
CarnivorouS on

Don't worry, mate, it's not too much of an issue. I know it's a hard task to undertake, once your number of instruments exceeds 6, and drums are like 3 instruments in one. I just tend to make the rhythmic section and bass a bit louder than leads, but you do it the way you like, you're much more of a specialist than I am anyway :)
Jredd on

Ah, in order to make the hi-hats louder I'd have to make everything else a little quieter as PSG is rather quiet which is doable. The crash cymbals are samples that have a kick drum mixed with a cymbal in one shot, so they are about as loud as I could get them with the kick still being audible as far as I know (using VGMM only). I might experiment around with harder kicks and higher pitched crash cymbals :), Then if I get that down I'll try and adjust volumes of other thing as well. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep it in mind for future things as I am always trying to improve :).
wailord on

CarnivorouS on

Awesome. I'd make the hihat and cymbals louder though