Thursday 25th of October 2012

Jade Hills

I've been holding on to this song for months. I think I'm going to upload it now to get people pumped for a new Sega Genesis side scrolling adventure styled album called FM-portable. This one here is rather sonic sounding, with maybe some crisper drums. I figure it's the perfect first level style tune to get things started. Look forward to FM-Portable, coming soon! :D
JerBearX on

Dat melody. HNNG. THIS IS SO GOOD!!
Jredd on

D'awww! You guys! 24 Likes? Man, I'm starting to feel like the old 8bc days over here :D.
Jredd on

Thank you! I really like the classic VGM sound so I try to emulate it. as best as I can :). I am happy people are getting that vibe ;).
Whitely on

My favourite chiptune to come out in a while! So lovely, I'd love to be able write VGM
Jredd on

Dang man! This track exploded! Thanks so much you guys :D
spOOked on

fuck YEAH!
CharaCharaBoy on

This is so gooooood!
Jredd on

Whoa! Thanks so much for the support guys. This one is one of my favorite solo efforts. As much as I love how my album Vector Nova turned out, there's something very specific about this tune that feels very innocent and has exactly the kind of sound I wanted it to have. I'm glad there is so much appreciation for this one. This will motivate me to get FM-portable out to the masses. Thanks again so much, and yeah I did like my own tune. Shame on me, but I couldn't help it. I really do like this one a lot :D.
PolarBirds on

Jredd on

Thanks Tomy! I dig your stuff too. The album will come out soon I promise :D.
Tomy on

Yes! You uploaded this from the demo, my favourite from it. Great synth leads. The main part is really special, and that noisy background hihat(?) fits so well there. :) Melodies are, once again, fantastic.
Jredd on

Thanks guys! I really kind of dug deep into my inner child for this one. It's so insanely happy sounding. It's like sonic got a new drum set and is having the best day ever LOL.
Groovemaster303 on

An awesome level theme which really helps set the mood and tone of the album. Very catchy and fun to listen to. I liked this mix so much I just had to start work on a remix which ended up being one of the toughest, yet most satisfying mixes we have ever done.
daisy on

nice choon :D
Jredd on

Thanks, I'll get together with Groovemaster303 soon and we'll hammer out the details. We should have a whole album of new stuff nobody has heard very soon :).
Wheely on

I love the change after around a minute, that was what I was waiting for ... sweet stuff dude, very uplifting