Sunday 29th of April 2012

FM Portible Album Preview

The sequel to last year's FM-Possible is drawing ever closer to a finish. Myself, Groovemaster303. Cosmobuggi, and new comer OtakuMode (The Artist Formerly Known as Itayo FM) bring you this small sampler of things to come. We are still working on more tracks, and tidying up the finished ones so it'll be a while yet. Until then, enjoy this preview and keep your eyes peeled for "FM-Portable" :).
Jredd on

Ha ha, oh man. Yeah we have so much. We may need to split it into 2 albums lol.
Tomy on

Yeah, the track from 2:10 is clearly my favourite from this preview. Very cool to hear something so easy-going and sweet. The track after that is pretty nice too. Is the release shaping up?
Jredd on

Wheely on

oh, that will be fun, looking forward to that
CarnivorouS on

Awesome, Jredd, as always.
Jredd on

Ah! Thanks guys. That track starting around 2:10 is a solo track of mine called "Jade Hills" Gee, I wonder what that's inspired by :P.
PiecesOfEight on

Sounds neato torpedo
SkipSandwichDX on

2:31, really sweet