Monday 6th of June 2016

Dragon Hero (Feat. Diagamblic & Groovemaster303) -PC Engine-

Well, here's a fun one I thought you guys might enjoy. It's a Turbo Graphix 16/ PC Engine tune and I don't think we hear too many of those. However, thanks to Deflemask my friends and I can make them. I was going for kind of a nice happy side scrolling platformer VGM in the style of something like "Wonder Boy" perhaps. Then, my friends came and helped me add tweaks and extended my core idea, and working together we created this. I hope you guys enjoy! :D
Jredd on

Thanks guys! You might be right, the beat is pretty loud but I think I did it that way on purpose. It sounds really cool on my Bose headphones, but I have to remember there are a lot of different sound systems out there. In any case, thanks for listening guys :).
daisy on

the beat is certainly punchy, but i like that. happy happy song :))))))
rmf on

I enjoyed this track a lot, but the beat seems loud to me. Might just be my speakers, though?