Friday 10th of July 2015

1 Bit Shine (Tritone)

So, I downloaded the latest version of Beepola tracker and it's got some new sound engines. This tune uses the Tritone one, and even though this is just a test of it's sounds I quite like it and I hope you guys do too :).
Wheely on

that was pretty nice
Monotron on

We've literally reached the of the chiptune spectrum and it sounds awesome
Ikasam on

gotoandplay on

this is nice. tritone is interesting. Some of the cool effects are only acheivable at maximum speed but then overall quality ends up really grainy. But this shows you can still make a decent sounding track at a lower speed w/o any of those tricks :)
CanadaD12 on

Tritone is the best, but it feels a bit odd working with three channels in beepola for some reason.
Jredd on

Yeah indeed man. Thanks guys :D.
SketchMan3 on

Nice. It's great that Beepola has tritone now :D