Tuesday 5th of January 2016

unfinished VGM track

yeah the ending is pretty awful but im never gonna finish this and i like the intro
Gaggo on

what about the good old "loop and fade"? :)
fedepede04 on

Awesome track, i really like this kind of music
Jredd on

Wait a second....you pulled this off in VGM Maker? Some heavy use of the sample channel there buddy. Color me impressed. :). I don't know if you plan on working with the tracker some more, but if you do I'd love to collaborate sometime man :).
cqallenwalker on

Very future-esque. For whatever reason, Blade Runner came to mind. Anyway, thanks for sharing this song.
3ndymion on

Definitely a cool intro. Is the chorus sound in the background of the intro sampled??? If it is, it sounds very clear. I think this is quite different from many other Sega Genesis tracks I've heard, in a very good way.
JeMappelle on

Thanks guys @sam I used vgm maker by shiru : )
2xAA on

Which tracker did you use for this?
Sounds great!
lordsquid on

missing thought will always be my favourite track you've done
lordsquid on

yes!! Just as good as the old 8bc days :D