Friday 16th of November 2012

Make Me Famau5

1 lsdj 1 gameboy . thx sam [2xaa] for making daft punk samples, one is used briefly throughout lol . this song is kind of a joke but was really fun to make yeah ok whate
roboctopus on

This is fun stuff haha.
DontBlink on

damm i forgot about this track good stuff yo
JeMappelle on

@pixeltune, they are real authentic gameboy tune sounds (real)
fedepede04 on

damn it is aggressive, but good }:-)
Kubbi on

oh my :O
KidFlyaway on

Pixeltune, it's a wave channel instrument
lxtxcx on

Je Mappelle Is Now Fucking Mainstream *Deletes Everything From Itunes* Now back to listening to my obscure Zaal- WIP's
Jredd on

Yeah, my Sega Genesis music needs moar LSDJ :P
Pixeltune on

Are those sounds at 1:00 - 1:01 (they kinda sound like really short "yah"s) a sample, or an instrument?
JeMappelle on

go awailord
wailord on

JeMappelle on

pm me if u want an autograph on ur latest song
Jredd on

This is pretty impressive dude :).
2xAA on

Holy crap! 1st AND 2nd?? :O I never thought I'd see it.
2xAA on

No problem, those Daft Punk samples have so many uses! ;)
Balloonbear on

whoa, that's impressive
JeMappelle on

has slight eq and some (obvious) stuff on the intro, but for the most part it's entirely lsdj
Balloonbear on

you made it without any post production?
JeMappelle on

secret jemappelle bass techniques. think about with channels are in use when you here the pan. figure is out
Balloonbear on

how you made such pan?
nuclace on
electrifiedbit on

cool !
AlexD on

"this song is kind of a joke" Oh really? Well then you, sir, should be a comedian because this is one fucking awesome joke!
Gampoy on

rly like the song, its RLY awesome! Like the broken kind of rythm!