Sunday 15th of December 2013

Cruel Angel's Thesis (Atari ST)

It says Atari ST even though it uses an AY, but it'll run on one I swear!

Arp sequence 0A means business.

Click the Dropbox link so you can listen to it in glorious CAB stereo (or what ever you like as long as you can play .sndh files).
gotoandplay on

nice! this song ends a lot better than the show ever did :)
PiecesOfEight on

Solid cover, man!
Eiyeron on

Nice intro and nice rythm, love it!
drexegar on

Nice footwork! Awesome! =^w^=
DontBlink on

YES EVA!! I've been wanting to cover this for a long time and you beat me to it! Haha, but holy shit it sounds pretty good! :) Good job
Ikasam on

was actually whistling this tune earlier, think about covering it and WOLA! it appears on ucollective! haha really well done man
fedepede04 on

great.... i really love this :)