Wednesday 2nd of October 2013

Acidjazzed Evening (2A03)

I had serious fun with this. I loved doing every minute of it. This is a real NES hardware recording of this (I think this is the best NES version out there, but of course I'm biased), all 2A03+DPCM.

I've posted this on Youtube, SoundCloud, submitted it to Famicompo Mini 10, and basically dragged it through all hell. But finally, it can rest easy here. Hope you all enjoy it.

Sequenced in FamiTracker 0.4.0 (I think). No fancy "Native" trackers for me. All credit to Tempest
sudutsenja on

lovely :3
HeZeD on

Monotron on

sick cover
Lastmilesofgalaxy on

Absolutely love this!
PolarBirds on

Lovely version of the song! It still kinda pisses me off that scumbag artists can get away with theft and this song always remind me of that :/ Makes you wonder what else people have stolen in music history.
Weirdbananas on

This is the kind of music dreams are made of! Totally inspiring and beautiful! Fucking love it! <3
SketchMan3 on