Friday 13th of September 2013

Bad Apple!! chipbreak remix (jumpin on dat bandwagon)

heard a couple bad apple cover/remixes from this site and was like "heck I'll do one too." Really easy and fun to cover so instead of being lazy and simply putting "the 4 on da floor" beat, i decided to make it into a chipbreak remix. :P speaking of chipbreak, I WANT MORE CHIPBREAK WTF WHERES ALL THE CHIPBREAK ON THIS SITE.

check the other remixes by our fellow ucollective peeps

Jredd(sega genesis)

Raijin(sega genesis)!!+genesis+cover/

Kommisar(LSDJ) < with vocals omg!!+english+%E3%80%8Clsdj+8-bit+ver.%E3%80%8D/
barbeque on

this is vrr pretty
Wheely on

nice remix
Dropbit on

sdoooo goiod
Ikasam on

@NTRDMG Renoise is amazing, and really great for breakcore. I initially got renoise to make chipbreak as well but now i use to make any style of music. @Jredd, haha thanks, i loved everyone's take on it and just had to be apart of the bad apple cover/remix group lol
Jredd on

This one is the coolest one so far. I really like remixes that flip the original like this, excellent job :D.

Recently got renoise for the sole sake of making chipbreak (nah, not really, but I head is much easier), so maybe some day soon I make some brks
Ikasam on

Aww wish I knew about it, would have been cool to be a part of it. Definitely something to check out after I get home from work
gotoandplay on

lately BotB did a contest for people to write music that was themed on the Amen Break and the sine wave. The results turned out pretty good!