Tuesday 17th of April 2012

Goat Country National Anthem (LGPT glitch chiptune pop)

Holy Konni is back! I'm super busy with school and haven't released a real song since I think autumn or so, therefore I am delighted to share with you this LGPT glitch chiptune pop song. Pure LGPT - no post record effects.

Hopefully there will be more soon when I take my exams. Until then.

HolyKonni on

<3 <3 thanks everybody! Zef: You def. should be checking out LGPT, I think it's my favorite tracker!! From what i've heard the canoo and dingoo and whatnot are pretty cheap so you might wanna get one of those. Thanks again :)
Zef on

Dude, super unique style! I want to get into piggy at some point but I just haven't taken the time, plus I don't have a good portable for it. I'ma go check some of your releases.
Jredd on

Ha ha ha! This is so strange, I love it..
JamesLowrey on

Hella original! Sweeeet!
HolyKonni on

thanks decktonic! :) :) :) <3 <3
Decktonic on

woo! glad you're back! love it!
HolyKonni on

thank you PolarBirds!!!!! <3
PolarBirds on

Awesome. Makes me think of the song "ghost town" by The specials, because of the vocal samples probably, idk :) Fet låt hur som helst!