Thursday 3rd of July 2014

Galactic Whirlpool (YM2612 Feat Jredd)

So Jredd had this pretty cool idea for a song which he recently uploaded to his Soundcloud page, I really liked what I heard but it was just a tad too short at around 28 seconds. So I contacted him and he sent me a couple of songs to work on. So while I worked on this, He was working on another song and then we would send the files back to each other and then we would continue to work on the other song. This allowed us to constantly hear new ideas being put into each track while being able to work at our own pace.
2 Favourites
Diagamblic on

Dat bass!
Jredd on

Indeed, I enjoy the hell out of working with this guy :D.
Groovemaster303 on

Thanks man, it's been awhile since we teamed up and it was great to just have a chat and get on with things the way we normally do. It's just so easy and fun working together.
cqallenwalker on

Ah, how nice to hear the Dynamic Duo once more.