Tuesday 4th of September 2012

In the Gameworld

This track was written in October, 2009, but I've never uploaded it anywhere, so, I've decided to fix this mistake.
8bitApostle on

Really enjoyed that... glad you decided to upload!
TmEE on

This is total awesomness !
Tomy on

Awesome, really classic sounds in the intro. Part beginning from 1:01 is brilliant, love it.
FotonCat on

Jredd, I use OpenMPT tracker to make all my 8bit/16bit-like music :) In this composition I've generally used my favourite waveform - sawtooth (it's like a triangle waveform with vertical left slope). Thank you all for comments! ^___^
CarnivorouS on

PolarBirds on

I really like the lead instrument, I also like the progression here and there! Cheers
Jredd on

What did you use to make this? It's an interesting sound, I like it! :)