Saturday 24th of August 2013

Microbeings (FDS)

My original entry into Famicompo Mini 10... 1st Place! :D

A song about the evolution of cells (hence the title) into more complex organisms. This is written for a yet-to-be-announced thing I'm doing.
CosmoBG on

Simply amazing. Your 1st place position on both places is very much well deserved. Congrats! :D
vytong on

This sounds like it'd go with a bullet hell game during the crazy parts and the calmed parts would be Raiden. :D
crab on

This its a amazing work!!! love it!!!
Doxic on

Ikasam on

2 good
sigflup on

bloody epic
kfaraday on

Wheely on

damn, that was a wild ride
Dropbit on

id play the fuck out of this game sounds like a RPG
Dropbit on

in love
Jredd on

Holy hell! No wonder you won!