Tuesday 26th of March 2013

She's Got Issues (Don't call me daddy remix)

Short weekend project I had for school. The idea was to combine retro gaming with mainstream music from the 90's. Those were the only guidelines and it was allgear allowed so I decided to do a track in LSDJ since it was about as legit as I could get sound wise for retro gaming. I did a quick track inspired by The Offspring's "She's Got Issues". 1x LSDJ
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pyrofoux on

Daddy epic remix !
Duplica on

I have a French keyboard that might be why :x
2xAA on

I guess you had trouble with apostrophes - gonna fix that in my Summer holidays. Sorry :( Great tune by the way!
Jredd on

Damn man, this is awesome. Also, I want a school that has a project like that! What a rad assignment ha ha ha!
Duplica on

finally works ugh