Thursday 13th of December 2012

I went to Space Castle(WIP)

Tryin somthing new chill like let me no if you can dig it
Dropbit on

Just Experimenting im out of ideas for this 1 haha
fedepede04 on

a shame it's so short
Dropbit on

Awwwww <3
Pixeltune on

Love you Dropbit
Dropbit on

Thanks Guys <3 you all
CarnivorouS on

Very spooky :) This could be an introduction to a track or an album. Maybe the latter.
Jredd on

I can dig it :). It'd be cool to hear, maybe after this into for the noise snare to have a bit more of a smack to it with a bit of delay/echo on there. Maybe a low sub bass, get a reggae/dub groove going? Just a thought, either or I'm with Wheely, I like what you have so far as well :).
Wheely on

I like what you have so far
bloerb on

Bass seems a bit out of tune but other than that I really enjoyed it. Got a nice atmosphere.