Sunday 28th of September 2014

Meta Knight Defeated

Made in Famitracker, VRC6 expansion, 70hz. Originally written by Jun Ishikawa & Dan Miyakawa. From Kirby Super Star, ending theme to Revenge of Meta Knight.

Learning new trackers is either fun or stressful for me... thankfully, this was much more fun than stressful. This is the 3rd track I've completed in Famitracker, next to Dragon Quest title theme and Kraid's Hideout LOLOLOLOL.

Comments are appreciated, as always!
HeZeD on

DontBlink on

Hertzdevil you are correct, thank you! It is fixed in the description now.
HeZeD on

are you sure it's kraid's theme but not Kraid's Hideout (NES) on FamiTracker
Kommisar on

do escape from the halberd now
cqallenwalker on

RIP Metaknight. I liked it.