Monday 29th of February 2016

Journey Into the Void

Here's something I came up with for Weekly Beats week 7. Spooky atmospheric track made in VGMMM.
cqallenwalker on

Really cool. I love seeing more artists explore what creepy music can be made with the Sega Genesis or otherwise any FM chiptuning.
Jredd on

Super cool and weird use of VGMMM my friend. Rad atmosphere.
Diagamblic on

Thanks man! I was super pressed for time when I made this or else I would have probably thrown in a beat :).
UncleBibby on

love the retro spooky pitchbending and the retro organ sound. if this had a amen-break-based slightly-glitchy beat i think it would work really well but as it is it really sounds like a great sega genesis horror game or maybe the alien level in streets of rage 2