Thursday 18th of February 2016

2A03 Strut (Real NES hardware recording)

So I decided to dust off Famitracker and attempt a cover of my buddy Jredd's amazing "PSG Strut" tune using only the stock 2A03 chip, No samples channel or expansion chips were used in the making of this track. For you NES heads out there - I hope you catch the composer references!

Jredd's original song can be found here:

My version can also be found on soundcloud:
Diagamblic on

Whoa - didn't see the last comment. PleaseLoseBattle - NES ROM to Everdrive.
PleaseLoseBattle on

Awesome tune ! How did you play this on real hardware ? NSF on a Powerpak ?
3ndymion on

Cool cover of a cool track. :)
Jredd on

Completely blows my version out of the water :D.