Tuesday 8th of January 2013

Zedd - Clarity (ft. Foxes) (Balloonbear chip remix)

I want to thank Zedd for the opportunity to remix such a great track. Everything you hear in my remix except vocals comes from a single Nintendo Game Boy handheld console. Hope you enjoy it. Please, vote for it on http://clarity.zedd.net/tracks/154
Stavros on

FLIPPING FANTASTIC!!, Loved this song in the first place, like it even more now xD
ruBRK on

Oh yeah! I totally love the drop part! You rock!
Dropbit on

omg Yes<3
Skycstls on

A-we-some ;D
Balloonbear on

this stuff need to be fixed, i talking about drums. it's almost perfect in some parts, but still not enough. one of the problems is that i have no studio monitors
daisy on

amazing! it's tracks like this that could actually break chipmusic into the mainstream. this stuff needs to be heard.
Balloonbear on

thanks :3
Zef on

I'm digging this :)
Balloonbear on

download this on your mp3 player :D
gaarathedancingpanda on

Listening to this again during class. Legitimately can't get enough of this dude.
gaarathedancingpanda on

This is sick as shit bro. So goood!
Scruffy on

Awesome tune!
SpacemanFantastiques on

dude. this is sick! very good job on this.
FloravoxTerraport on

crab on

im making my tune, great rmx, :)
kidThunder on

Pretty nice tune!
Balloonbear on

think it's my final track. this is over
HolyKonni on

fedepede04 on

love it :)
Whitely on

lovely <3