Wednesday 21st of November 2012


I decide to upload it here. sorry. and remember, balloonbear sucks
Zeropass on

reminds me of cave story! it's great!
Balloonbear on

I can't make songs anymore
nuclace on

make more songs like this one.
HarleyLikesMusic on

I disagree with TmEE, this was awesome and then carried on being awesome when the percussion came in. This definitely needs to be made longer!
2xAA on

Extend this please, thanks.
Balloonbear on

TmEE on

this was nice until percussion came in....
Balloonbear on

Thanks for support, Kubbi!
Kubbi on

Great guitar sound. The track has a really nice mellow atmosphere to it. Awesome mate!
Balloonbear on

No, just have some strange time in my life. Still can't make any good song, nothing :(
Wheely on

found some haters, eh? I like those glitchy percussions. Sweet sweet stuff man
9Heart on

This is Awesome! And look at Nuclace little Hedgehog dancing to the tune while listening. It's cute and heart-warming at the same time ♫
nuclace on

dat percussion