Friday 12th of October 2012

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (8-BrickDMG 8-Bit Mix)

This is my version of "Till The World Ends" running on 2x DMG's with LSDJ.
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8BrickDMG on

Thanks 2xAA :D At the time this was a quick cover which was done in a few hours about a year ago and I was just messing around. I'm glad you liked the LFO and that Lead. I need to go back to this save and write some of the patches down haha. Maybe one day I'll redo it and fix that ;)
2xAA on

I think you should take advantage of the use of two DMGs and throw in some nice bass. Like the LFO on just one DMG - really nice! And the lead around 03:40 is great, been meaning to find out how to create a sound like that. I've heard it in a few other artist's work and loved it before too. Good cover, just lacking the bass in my opinion :)