Thursday 20th of September 2012

Doctor Who (unfinished, Atari ST, Kaoss Pad)

First is with Kaoss Pad, second is without :)
Made on my live show tester the other day!!
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gaarathedancingpanda on

Have I mentioned that I love your Kaoss Pad beyond words? It's so cool!
CarnivorouS on

Okay, let me rephrase it: it needs a rhythm instrument :) Whether it be drums or a more structured bass
2xAA on

Especially this one:
2xAA on

I like it without drums:
CarnivorouS on

Needs drums
2xAA on

The bass is off. I quite like the effects too - makes it sound like a mash of the old Doctor Who themes. I'll work on it when I'm on my Atari more ^_^
Gampoy on

the bassy part could be more rythmic and the high melody part more wobbly Who-ey ^^
Gampoy on

Hahahaha XD AWESOME! the first decent is a bit too heavy on effects, so the whole 8bit effect is gone, i liked the second part more.
fedepede04 on

i definitely like the first most, it is like something very wrong, with your sounds in number two. but i can not put my finger, exactly on, what i think is wrong.